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Board of Medical Assessors (BMA)

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The purpose of the Board is to consider and determine whether there is a medical condition that affects or may affect the ability of a student or trainee to participate, perform or continue in the Health Professional Educational Programs (Program) of the Faculty, and to make recommendations regarding such matters to the Dean. The Board is advisory to the Dean.

Meetings generally take place on the second Friday afternoon of every month, when required. Referral letter addressed to the Chair of BMA (PGME) must be received at least three weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting of the BMA. All supporting medical documentation is to be received in the Office of Resident Wellness at least one week prior to the meeting to give members time to review.

Program Directors are strongly advised to discuss referral prior with the Director, Office of Resident Wellness, regarding need for referral and specific questions the referral is intended to answer (see: BMA Referral Request):

Dr. Susan Edwards
Director, Office of Resident Wellness
p: 416-946-3074

Referral letters to the BMA should be addressed to:

Dr. David Tannenbaum
Chair, Board of Medical Assessors-PG
c/o Todd Coomber
Faculty Affairs Officer
Office of the Dean, Faculty of Medicine
1 King’s College Circle, MSB 2106A
Toronto ON M5S 1A8

Meeting Dates 2016 – 2017

Please see below a table of Board of Medical Assessors meeting dates for the 2016-17 academic year.

Fri Jul 8, 20161:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Aug 12, 20161:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Sep 9, 20161:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Oct 14, 20161:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Nov 18, 20161:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Dec 9, 20161:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Jan 13, 20171:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Feb 10, 20171:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Mar 10, 20171:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Apr 7, 20171:30PM-3:00PM
Fri May 12, 20171:30PM-3:00PM
Fri Jun 9, 20171:30PM-3:00PM

About the BMA

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