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POWER Evaluations Newsletter | Issue 1

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Alerts Evaluation Rules/Alerts Notification Report

Make sure you are notified when if your program’s trainees do not agree with their completed ITERs or receive a score of 1 or 2 on their overall ITER score. The Alerts Eval Rules function allows Program Directors and Program Administrators to set up certain rules/conditions on their existing evaluation forms and be alerted when evaluations meet the specific conditions.

Evaluations that meet the specified conditions will be placed in the Reports – Alerts Notification report screen. The Search function allows you to filter by each Training Session, Rule, or Evaluation Form Type. See screen shot below.

Screenshot of POWER dashboard

If interested in setting up rules for your program, please contact

Case/Procedure Logs Function

Are you interested in your trainees recording their procedures in POWER? If so, then you require the Case Logs function in POWER. This function gives trainees direct access to log their procedures via their POWER account. This also provides the Program Director and Program Administrator access to view all the procedures completed by your respective trainees, per rotation service. See screen shot below.

Screenshot of POWER system

If interested in setting up case logs for your program, please contact

Trainee Orientation Support

The POWER Helpdesk is happy to provide basic POWER training to your new trainees throughout the year at suitable sessions. This involves showing trainees how to use the tools available to them in POWER, such as how to complete evaluation forms and case logs, read their rotation schedules, and view their trainee teaching effectiveness report. This also gives your trainees an opportunity to ask any POWER related questions.


Forgot your pin and/or password?

From the POWER Login screen , click ‘Forgot your pin and/or password?’, enter the email address you were registered in POWER with (no spaces before or after the email), and click [Send]. The system will immediately send you both your pin and password.

Should you have any questions or require assistance with POWER please contact the PGME POWER Helpdesk at or call 416-978-8399.

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