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2019 Faculty of Medicine Staff Impact Awards – PGME Award Winners!

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The Elentra team with Dean Trevor Young and Chief Administrative Officer Dev Chopra.

The Faculty of Medicine hosted the staff recognition BBQ on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019. This annual event includes an awards presentation to celebrate the efforts and achievements of the Faculty’s administrative, technical and research staff.

This year, PGME staff were honoured with two awards.


PGME Director of Operations Loreta Muharuma with Dean Trevor Young and Chief Administrative Officer Dev Chopra

Director of Operations Loreta Muharuma and Business Manager Gerard Nagalingam.










Loreta Muharuma, Director of Operations recieved the Leadership Award. This award is given to an individual in a leadership/managerial role that creates a collegial and balanced work environment, supports the professional development of their staff, and leads their staff to align with the priorities of the Faculty of Medicine.

Loreta has worked for the University of Toronto for 19 years. Her energy and outstanding professional contribution has broad provincial, national and even international impact as she defines and sets the standards for excellence in Postgraduate Residency Education.  Provincially, her work with the Council of Ontario Universities has led the PGME section of the Council of Faculties of Medicine for 15 years.  Loreta is considered a national leader in PGME in developing systems for outcome measures in pedagogy, equity in opportunities for staff and learners, accountability in health human resource outputs, data management for quality assurance and accreditation standards, and for achieving this in a collaborative atmosphere.

Among other achievements, Loreta was at the forefront of creating the very first Office of Resident Wellness in Canada to support the health and wellbeing of postgraduate trainees.  Her imagination and collaboration both initiated this unique service offering and has sustained its evolution and growth to the current Office of Postgraduate Wellness.


The Elentra team with Dean Trevor Young.

The Elentra project team consisting of Carolina Rios, Lisa St Amant, Amy Wong, Alison Pattern, Khush Adatia, Natasha Shaikhlishlamova, Nimaliny Krishnan, Court Van Beek, Alan Liu, Ben Smith-Lea, Lynette Terrill, Philip Chung and Eugene Bivol were honoured with the Quality Improvement Award. This award is for an individual or team whose work enhances quality of service or implements quality improvements aimed at making their department run more efficiently and effectively.

Competency based medical education is the largest single change to residency education in over 15 years.   One of the key enablers in facilitating this change is the introduction of a user-friendly, efficient and accurate IT system. The team of staff from both PGME and Discovery Commons worked collaboratively to enhance the chosen system, Elentra, and customize it for the unique needs of the largest postgraduate medical education training enterprise in Canada.

Their collaboration included the design and implementation of interfaces, system functionality and reports to support 23 residency programs, over 500 learners and over 1000 faculty and administrators.  The team has met and worked regularly since 2017 to create innovative solutions to improve the platform, solve system design problems, build assessment tools, create and generate reports including data visualization, provide a Helpdesk for Elentra Users, create and deliver training as well as learner/faculty development and develop best practices to inform the ongoing sustainability and quality improvement of Elentra and CBME at U of T.

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