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Clinician/Graduate Scientist Scholarship Program


  • To develop future academic clinicians
  • To recognize excellence in research and education in University of Toronto postgraduate training programs
  • To supplement stipends of trainees received from peer-reviewed granting agencies to levels approximating those granted to clinical trainees in similar PGY years.  The difference in stipends reflects differences in base stipend, fringe benefits and tuition fees


  1. Trainees must be registered in a Royal College or College of Family Physicians program at the University of Toronto Postgraduate Office.
  2. Trainees must be registered in a full-time graduate degree program (MSc/PhD) through SGS and in a graduate department in the Faculty of Medicine (e.g. IMS) or Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health for the Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 sessions.  Programs pursued may be in wet bench research, clinical epidemiology, health services research, education, informatics, etc.
  3. Only trainees who have won peer-reviewed awards in the year applied or the previous year are eligible.
  4. It will be assumed that the minimum award would be equivalent to a CIHR scholarship award of $50,000.
  5. Only trainees in year 1-2 of their MSc program or year 1-5 of their PhD program are eligible. Students beyond these years will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.
  6. Only Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents status are eligible.
  7. Trainees must be full-time MSc or PhD students for at least 14 weeks in any session during which they hold the scholarship.
  8. The sponsoring department would contribute from its resources 50% of the suggested scholarship to supplement stipends of trainees received from peer-reviewed granting agencies to bring the total salary up to an equivalent MOH salary.
  9. Trainees will be expected to take advantage of opportunities for developing their skills as teachers and, whenever possible, to participate in the education of undergraduate medical students during the time allocated for clinical practice.


Departments will submit to the office of postgraduate medical education the names of eligible candidates and the requested amount of the award, 50% of the total supplement for the candidate, including stipend, fringe benefits and tuition fees. The office of postgraduate medical education will allocate to the applying departments all or a portion of the requested scholarships(s) depending on availability of funds and the number of eligible candidates.

If you have any questions, please contact Gerard Nagalingam at (416) 978-8328 or at

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