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Boards & Committees

The following boards and committees are organized by the PGME Office.  Each board or committee section contains information pertaining to meeting dates, reference materials as well as agendas and minutes.

The Board of Examiners (BOE-PG) is a committee of faculty and residents appointed by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. At the request of the Program Director and Vice Dean, Post MD Education, the BOE-PG reviews the cases of residents in academic difficulty and determines the appropriate course(s) of action, which may include remediation, remediation with probation, probation or suspension and dismissal.

The BOE-PG committee meets on a monthly basis usually on the last Friday of each month. A Program Director who would like to bring forward a case to be considered by the committee must notify PGME approximately 4 weeks in advance of the BOE meeting date in the month they wish to bring forward a case (Please see BOE Meeting schedule for deadline dates).

Meeting Dates

Please see below the BOE-PG meeting schedule for the academic year, or download the BOE-PG Meeting Schedule.

Meeting Date Deadline for submitting DRAFT report Deadline for submitting FINAL report
April 27, 2018 Wed Apr 11 Wed Apr 18
May 25, 2018 Wed May 9 Wed May 16
June 29, 2018 Wed Jun 13 Wed Jun 20
July 27, 2018 Wed Jul 11 Wed Jul 18
August 31, 2018 Wed Aug 15 Wed Aug 22
September 21, 2018 Wed Sep 5 Wed Sep 12
October 26, 2018 Wed Oct 10 Wed Oct 17
November 23, 2018 Wed Nov 7 Wed Nov 14
December 14, 2018 Wed Nov 28 Wed Dec 5
January 25, 2019 Wed Jan 9 Wed Jan 16
February 22, 2019 Wed Feb 6 Wed Feb 13
March 29, 2019 Wed Mar 13 Wed Mar 20
April 26, 2019 Wed Apr 10 Wed Apr 17
May 31, 2019 Wed May 15 Wed May 22
June 28, 2019 Wed Jun 12 Wed Jun 19

Remediation templates

Policies & Procedure Guidelines

The purpose of the BPEA for PGME Advisory Committee is to provide ongoing advice to the Postgraduate Medical Education Advisory Committee (PGMEAC) about best practices, tools and systems for learner assessment and program evaluation (e.g. teacher evaluations, rotation evaluations) for residency education at University of Toronto.

Further details on the Advisory Committee are available in the Terms of Reference.

The Fellowship Education Advisory Committee advises the Vice Dean, Post MD Education on the oversight of fellowship programs, to develop and maintain policies related to clinical fellows.

Reference Materials

Meeting Time & Location

All meetings will take place from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM at the PGME Office, 500 University Avenue, Suite 602, Boardroom. Please contact John Kerr or phone 416-978-8420 for regrets or information.

Meeting Dates

Listed below are the FEAC meeting dates for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic sessions.

Wed, Oct 26, 2016 Tues, Oct 24, 2017
Wed, Dec 7, 2016 Tues, Jan 16, 2018
Wed, Mar 22, 2017 Tues, Apr 24, 2018
Thurs, June 15, 2017 Tues, Jun 12, 2018


The following table provides a listing of all FEAC members.

AffiliationMember Name
ChairDr. Rayfel Schneider
Vice Dean, Post MD EducationDr. Salvatore Spadafora
Associate Dean, PGMEDr. Glen Bandiera
Director, PGME
(Admissions & Evaluation)
Dr. Linda Probyn
Standing MembersDr. Cheryl Jaigobin (Medicine)
Dr. Rayfel Schneider (Paediatrics)
Dr. Helen MacRae (Surgery)
Dr. Julia Alleyne (Family & Community Medicine)
Rotating MembersDr. Peter Chung
(Radiation Oncology)

Dr. Arun Ravindran (Psychiatry)

Dr. Doreen Yee (Anesthesia)
Affiliated Hospitals / HUECDr. Karl Iglar (St. Michael’s Hospital)
Dr. Rayfel Schneider (The Hospital for Sick Children)
Dr. Adrienne Tan (University Health Network)
Clinical FellowsDr. Zachary Liederman
Dr. Andrea Simpson
Ex-OfficioDalia Al-Mouaswas (University Health Network)
PGME OfficePGME Office staff as required

The IRC is the standing subcommittee of the Postgraduate Medical Education Advisory Committee (PGMEAC) which has oversight responsibility of the internal review of all residency programs.

The accreditation process is a 8 year cycle which encompasses:

  • the on-site survey,
  • regularly scheduled internal review(s),
  • update reports, and
  • any mandated reviews of the postgraduate medical education office and residency training programs.

In addition, throughout the accreditation cycle, there are:

  • new Program Applications,
  • FIRE Applications, and
  • the re-activation of inactive programs.

The Internal Review Committee (IRC) is the standing subcommittee of the University of Toronto, Postgraduate Medical Education Advisory Committee (PGMEAC) which has oversight responsibility of the internal review of all residency programs. The IRC has the mandate to support educational excellence and accreditation compliance through organizing, reviewing and providing recommendations based on all residency program reviews, carried out under the auspices of the Postgraduate Medical Education Office. The IRC consists of program directors (current, former), teaching faculty, educators, and senior residents.

Family Medicine Internal Review Subcommittee

The Family Medicine Internal Review Subcommittee (FM-IRSC) is an ad hoc subcommittee of the IRC and the PGMEAC of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine.

The FM-IRSC provides qualitative and formative feedback to the Family Medicine Residency Program Committee, Family Medicine Program Directors, and the Divisional Site Directors. Recommendations from the FM-IRSC with respect to internal reviews, follow-up reports, or follow-up reviews are intended to assist programs and sites in building on strengths and identifying weaknesses, and are subject to approval by the IRC. Membership of this committee consists of teaching faculty, educators, site directors (current, former), IRC members, and senior residents.

The Postgraduate Medical Education Advisory Committee advises the Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and generates policy recommendations to the Faculty Council on all matters related to Postgraduate Medical Education, including those brought to it by its committees.

Reference Materials

PGMEAC Meeting Dates

Friday, May 25, 2018
(All PDs & FMSD)
Friday, January 25
June 2018 – No MeetingFebruary – No Meeting
Friday, September 21Friday, March 29
Friday, October 26Friday, April 26
November – No MeetingFriday, May 31
(All PDs & FMSD)
Friday, December 14
(All PDs & FMSD)
June – No Meeting

Time & Location

All meetings are held at the PGME Office, 500 University Avenue, 6th floor, Room 602, Boardroom; except for All Program Director Meetings which will be announced closer to the meeting date. 

Meetings are held from 12:30 to 2:30 pm with lunch available at 12:15pm.

Membership Listing

Last NameFirst NameAffiliationEmail
BezjakAndrea Radiation
ErlickLawrenceHosp: Chief, DFCM & Medical Director, UG and PG
FarrugiaMicheleObstetrics &
GoguenJeannetteCore Internal
HoustonPatriciaVice Dean,
IglarKarlHosp: Director, PGME, SMH
JamesJacquelineHosp: VP Education, Sinai Health
LevineRonDirector, Postgraduate
PakesBarryPublic Health Preventive
ChenRobertClinician Investigator

Ex Officio / PGME

Abrahams, CarolineDirector, Policy, Analysis &
Bandiera, Glen (Chair)Associate Dean,
Fechtig, LindseyEdu
Freeland, AlisonVP Education THP/AD Med Ed
Glover Takahashi. SusanDirector, Education Integration
Hynes, MelissaLead, Learner Education Support
Maggi, JulieDirector, Resident Wellness
Matlow, AnneFaculty Lead, Strategic Initiatives
Morris, MaureenAssociate Director, Operations
Muharuma, LoretaDirector, Operations PGME
Murgaski, Laura LeighProgram Manager, Education & Quality Systems
Probyn, LindaDirector, PG Admissions & Evaluation
Spadafora, SalVice Dean, Post MD Education
Spencer, ShannonInternational Relationship Manager

The goals and objectives of the POWER Steering Committee are to:

  • To advise on priorities for development of the system
  • To identify common needs among users of the system and compile a list of changes/new system developments and prioritize for implementation re costs, urgency, and majority use.
  • To enhance and improve the use of reports and reporting tools in the evaluation and registration sections of the system.
  • To advise on issues relating to evaluation as they arise
  • To oversee and advise on inter-connections between POWER and other systems including: MedSIS, U of T Portal etc.

To learn more about the POWER Steering Committee, please review the Terms of Reference.

On an annual basis, the Quotas Subcommittee:


  • Reviews the criteria and principles for allocation of PGY1 positions for the upcoming CaRMS
    match (July-August)



  • Considers criteria and principles for allocation of other PGY positions for advanced training, reentry,
    repatriation, transfers, subspecialty positions (including CCFP-PGY3) as well as PGY1
    positions for Visa trainees and capacity for assessment of IMGs.



  • Receives and reviews submissions from programs on the allocation of PGY positions and
    assessment capacity in accordance with MOHLTC directives and the University of Toronto’s
    mission (July/August)



  • Recommends the CaRMS quotas and transfer options for the next match for Pool A and Pool B to
    PGMEAC (September/October)



  • Reviews and makes recommendations on the allocation of other PGY positions as identified above
    to PGMEAC (Ongoing throughout the year as per CaRMS timetables)


To learn more about the Quotas Subcommittee, please review the Terms of Reference.

The purpose of the committee is to lead in the development, implementation and evaluation of a strategy to integrate the competencies of ‘Resource Stewardship (RS)’ (with Choosing Wisely as the exemplar) into all PGME programs.

Reference Materials

Meeting Dates

2014 Meetings2015 Meetings
June 1012:00pm - 1:30 pmPG Boardroom,
500 University,
Suite 602
January 271:00pm - 2:30pmCPD Boardroom,
500 University,
Suite 650
August 2610:30am - 12:00pmPG Boardroom,
500 University,
Suite 602
March 3CancelledCancelled
November 41:00pm - 2:30pmDFCM Boardroom,
500 University
May 5CancelledCancelled
December 1610:00am - 12:00pmPG Boardroom,
500 University,
Suite 602
June 231:00pm - 2:30pmCPD Boardroom,
500 University, Suite 650

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