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Application and information for GHEI starting September 2020

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For program and application details for the PGME Global Health Education Initiative (GHEI)
– a certificate program for residents and fellows,from all programs and specialities –
please visit this site.

About the GHEI. Global health is a conceptual framework to understand how expressions of health and illness are impacted by underlying determinants to affect world populations. In Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world, global health is local health and local health is global health. Global Health knowledge and skills are useful in everyday practice in Canada and are critical to solving the most challenging health problems affecting individuals and communities around the globe.

Global Health at Postgraduate Medical Education is led by Dr. Barry Pakes, PGME Global Health Lead and Director, Global Health Education Initiative; Director, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency Program and Ms. Judy Kopelow, Manager, PGME Global Health Programming and Strategic Initiatives;Administrative Director PGME Global Health Education Initiative.

The Global Health Education Initiative, led by Post Graduate Medical Education, is an exciting initiative which fills a long-recognized gap in the training of health professionals who are interested in making an impact in the global health scene.

The following themes are incorporated in the content and delivery of each module: global health leadership, values in global health, identifying and mitigating health inequalities and inequities, inter-professional collaboration, vulnerable and marginalized populations, cross-cultural communication, capacity building and education, social responsibility and accountability in education plus research and practise.

The program adds to informal mentoring by providing a structured, evidence-based, and carefully designed curriculum in a small group format – an approach to global health education unique to this program and to the university. The University of Toronto is home to one of the largest concentrations of Global Health leaders in the world. As GHEI participants, you will have access to these individuals who have committed to sharing their expertise and passion for global health with you.

By taking part in this program you will be part of a growing community of professionals dedicated to using more innovative and effective methods to address the needs of marginalized populations at home, and underserved populations abroad. You will also be contributing to the fulfillment of the Faculty of Medicine’s mandate towards social accountability within and outside the borders of the University, the City of Toronto and globally.

Balancing the demands of residency with the GHEI program may not be easy, but your future patients and their communities will thank you.

With very best and we look forward to learning with you! 

Residents and new faculty on the ‘GHEI experience.’

“GHEI opened my eye to a different world of health care. I did not realize that there is this huge gap in health care between developing world and developed world until I got through GHEI. As a general surgery resident,  it would help me recognize inequity in providing surgical care and i would be able to help to provide surgical care for marginalized population. I would also like to join one of the organization that work developing work.”                   
Abdullah Aljabri, General Surgery

“The GHEI was a highlight of my medical training. The focus on human rights and systems thinking offered refreshing perspectives of the daily clinical work we do as North American physicians. The range of topics and modules to choose from was impressive. The presenters were consistently knowledgeable, encouraging discussion, and I always left these sessions feeling energized. The GHEI leadership and staff were very understanding of the demands of residency training, and made the entire experience learner-focused and stress-free. I would highly recommend to all my colleagues.”
Nicolas Sheppard-Jones, Family Medicine

“The Global Health Education Initiative is a fantastic program. It conveys global health in its full diversity and offers a comprehensive approach, including all imaginable aspects of the field. The program and the related interactions definitively changed my professional scope to building a longstanding future in global neurosurgery and it was one of the things that made my fellowship experience outstanding.”
Laura Nanna Lohkamp, Neurosurgery

“Through GHEI, I’ve met trailblazing leaders in global health as well as inspiring residents with whom I hope to collaborate in the future. The seminars have helped me clarify how I can engage with low-income communities in relationships of mutuality and solidarity. GHEI has been a highlight of residency for me.”
John Ihnat, Family Medicine

“Participating in GHEI was a wonderful experience!  It allowed me to learn more about the practice of global health from a variety of perspectives and allowed me to better understand the breadth of opportunities in the field, widening my perspective to thinking beyond only providing direct clinical care.  It was also wonderful to meet and continue to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse areas of medicine across the faculty.”
Amy Gajara, Psychiatry

“I plan to continue future clinical and research work on the global impact of infection and severe illness. The GHEI program provided an excellent backbone to the theory of global health and to meeting exceptional U of T faculty members who have chosen global health as a career path.” 
Aleksandra Leligdowicz, Critical Care

“The GHEI provided an excellent overview of Global Health at the appropriate level for residents. After taking the course, I feel I now have a knowledge base that I can use when faced with Global Health issues in my research collaborations abroad.” 
Horia Vulpe, Radiation Oncology

“The GHEI gave me exposure to a variety of people, projects and programs, that helped shape my future career path.  Because of this exposure to the content in GHEI, I now work to provide healthcare for vulnerable populations. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!”
Naheed Dosani, GHEI Graduate
Palliative Care Physician, Division of Palliative Care
Willliam Osler Health System, Brampton Civic Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital 

 “As a Family and Emergency Medicine physician, and currently a Vascular Surgery senior resident at the University of Toronto, the Global Health Education Initiative (GHEI) program helped me to become a more well-rounded physician. The GHEI opens a window to global and local global health challenges trainees may never have been exposed to including a small village in Africa, a large city in Asia, Northern Canada, or a local homeless community. The GHEI educates on challenges and possible solutions; provides a network of fascinating faculty and trainees and is preparation for most of us who are determined to include global health as part of our professional careers; locally or globally.” 
Lukasz Boba, Vascular Surgery 

“I am honoured to have had the opportunity to graduate from PGME’s Global Health Initiatives program. The speakers and subject matter resonated with me as a young physician with the goal of incorporating global health work into my future practice. I was able to gain insight and listen to the many voices of those on the front line involved in Global health activities all over the world. Having completed the program I feel more equipped to work in low-income settings with a better understanding of large and small scale infrastructure, social and cultural differences and the social determinants of health.” 
Tumushabe Mutungi, Obstetrics/Gynaecology 

“GHEI exceeded my expectations in terms of the depth and breadth with which Global Health was tackled. From medicine and ethics, to health governance and technical innovation; all intricacies of practicing medicine outside of the habitual urban Toronto setting were touched upon thoughtfully. All lecturers have relevant experience; many have been in the field, or hold senior positions with organizations such as WHO or MSF, and all are engaging and invested. Beyond its learning value, this course provides valuable networking opportunities, and great support for international electives, including pre-departure training and debriefing upon return. Finally, this course is a great way to make new friends with a similar passion for global health.
Emilie Chan, Nephrology

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