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The following table provides a listing of Post MD Education staff members. However, if you're unsure which staff member is appropriate for your inquiry, please send a message through the Contact Form.

Name Title Phone Email
Adrienne Fung Education Coordinator (416) 946-3075 Email Adrienne Fung
Alison Pattern Project Manager,
Learner Systems Integration
(416) 946-0458 Email Alison Pattern
Amy Widdifield Information Management Specialist (416) 978-3991 Email Amy Widdifield
Amy Wong Project Coordinator 416-946-0429 Email Amy Wong
Angelina Sulay Financial Officer (416) 978-5161 Email Angelina Sulay
Anna Brilhante Payroll Assistant,
(416) 978-6977 Email Anna Brilhante
Anna Ferrari Registration Assistant (416) 978-6348 Email Anna Ferrari
Anne Matlow Faculty Lead,
Strategic Initiatives
(416) 978-2618 Email Anne Matlow
Ariel Ng Medical Education Coordinator (416) 978-5100 Email Ariel Ng
Arlene McKinley Coordinator,
Special Projects
(416) 946-5471 Email Arlene McKinley
Caroline Abrahams Director,
Policy & Analysis
(416) 946-3274 Email Caroline Abrahams
Cheryl Song Instructional Design Analyst Email Cheryl Song
Chris Trevelyan Resident Wellness Advisor (416) 978-6861 Email Chris Trevelyan
Christiane Martin Wellness Consultant (416) 978-5279 Email Christiane Martin
Dawn Martin Communication Specialist (416) 946-0554 Email Dawn Martin
Diana Nuss Admin Coordinator,
Resident Wellness
(416) 946-3074 Email Diana Nuss
Gerard Nagalingam Business Manager (416) 978-8328 Email Gerard Nagalingam
Glen Bandiera Associate Dean,
(416) 978-6808 Email the Associate Dean
Glenys Babcock Manager,
Data & Analytics
(416) 946-0084 Email Glenys Babcock
Hira Mirza Visa Trainee Assistant (416) 946-3073 Email Hira Mirza
Ian Nillas Immunization Officer (416) 946-3753 Email Ian Nillas
Jake McPhee Admin Assistant Email Jake McPhee
Jennifer Puddicombe Curriculum Consultant,
Program Support
(416) 978-1097 Email Jennifer Puddicombe
Jessica Filion Coordinator,
Visa Trainees
(416) 946-8221 Email Jessica Filion
Jessica Montgomery Special Projects Coordinator (416) 978-8392 Email Jessica Montgomery
Jill Kinsella Call Stipends Assistant,
(416) 946-5157 Email Jill Kinsella
Joan Locquiao Immunization Assistant (416) 978-6976 Email Joan Locquiao
Jodi Herold Consultant,
Educational Assessment
& Psychometrics
(416) 946-7393 Email Jodi Herald
John Kerr Manager,
International Programs
(416) 978-8420 Email John Kerr
Joshua Jarvis Payroll Assistant,
(416) 978-6339 Email Joshua Jarvis
Judy Kopelow Manager,
Global Health Initiatives
(416) 946-7596 Email Judy Kopelow
Kelly Giddy Project & Communication Coordinator (416) 978-8388 Email Kelly Giddy
Khush Adatia User Support Services Officer (416) 946-3786 Email Khush Adatia
Kim O'Hearn Accreditation Coordinator (416) 946-8456 Email Kim O'Hearn
Kimberly Eadie Project Coordinator (416) 978-6808 Email Kimberly Eadie
Laura Leigh Murgaski Lead,
Accreditation & Education
Quality Systems
(416) 946-0793 Email Laura Leigh Murgaski
Laura Lysecki Research & Information
Systems Analyst
(416) 978-0553 Email Laura Lysecki
Linda Probyn Director,
Admissions and Evaluation, PGME
(416) 978-6808 Email Linda Probyn
Lisa Bevacqua Event & Project Planner (416) 946-0335 Email Lisa Bevacqua
Lisa St. Amant Research & Curriculum Coordinator (416) 946-3815 Email Lisa St. Amant
Loreta Muharuma Director,
(416) 978-6975 Email Loreta Muharuma
Marcella Fiordimondo Executive Assistant
to the Vice Dean
(416) 978-6709 Email Marcella Fiordimondo
Mariela Ruetalo Research Officer (416) 978-0009 Email Mariela Ruetalo
Marla Nayer Educational & Test Consultant (416) 946-5157 Email Marla Nayer
Maureen Morris Associate Director,
(416) 946-0555 Email Maureen Morris
Melissa Hynes Lead, Learner Education Support (416) 946-0046 Email Melissa
Melissa Landolfi Operations Email Melissa Landolfi
Natali Chin Med Ed Coordinator
(Help Desk) 416-978-8399
(416) 978-8419 Email Natali Chin
Nathan Harrison Systems Coordinator (416) 978-3650 Email Nathan Harrison
Nicole Marshall Administrative Coordinator Email Nicole Marshall
Nicole Parchment Visa Trainee Assistant (416) 946-3079 Email Nicole Parchment
Salvatore Spadafora Vice Dean,
Post MD Education
(416) 978-6709 Email the Vice Dean
Samantha Chin Visa Trainee Assistant (416) 946-0904 Email Samantha Chin
Sandra Hummel Documentation Administrator (416) 978-1952 Email Sandra Hummel
Shawn Healy Data Analyst (416) 946-0825 Email Shawn Healy
Susan Edwards Director,
Resident Wellness
(416) 946-4015 Email Susan Edwards
Susan Glover Takahashi Director,
Education & Research
(416) 946-3844 Email Susan Glover Takahashi
Tamara Bahr Manager, Instructional Design (416) 978-7587 Email Tamara Bahr
Teddy Cameron Senior Instructional Design Analyst (416) 946-0116 Email Teddy Cameron
Toni Jarvis Registration Assistant (416) 978-6338 Email Toni Jarvis
Tuan Diep Computing Support Analyst (416) 978-1481 Email Tuan Diep
Yin Chen Web Programmer Email Yin Chen
Research Assistant (416) 978-3964 Email Natasha Shaikhlislamova

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